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Art’M Gallery & Workshop

ART’M Gallery & worshop is located at Pontcharra, in the Alps between Grenoble and Chambéry (Savoy), created in 2001 by Martine RETTER, Professional french artist painter registered under licence n° R191944

Art’m Gallery in Pontcharra  Inside ART’M gallery

Martine RETTER impressionnist landscape painter, works oïl on cavans and acrylic. Her style is directly inspired from her travels around the world, French country scenery, Paris, Provence sunlight, snow in winter in the Alps, little Britanny ocean sea side, castles, winyards, gardens, flowers and nature landscape.

Oil on canvas and acrylic

Art’m Gallery permanently shows Martine‘s Retter creation’s (oïl on cavans, water color, pastel, acrylic) symbolic and abstracts, pets and animals.


A master piece, unique and original to fit your personnal home design. Martine Retter paints on order and according to your wishes a unique master piece (your house, garden, landscape, holiday location, your loved pet) based on your own photos.

Martine  Painting on order based on your personnal documents

For your presents and gifts think about a master piece, unique and original artwork for you life events (weddings, birthdays, etc…)
Martine Retter also designs on request events’ cards (menus, thanks)

Mariage  Carte de voeux

Martine Retter teaches graphic arts since 1997 and leads drawing and paintings sessions in her ART’M workshop & gallery. She also proposes art painting dedicated / focused trainings in her workshop or off site seminars.


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